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Infinity LED Dance Floor Dimensions We offer dance floors up to 20 feet by 20 feet. Additional size options and information are available in the provided chart. Our dance floors can be configured in various shapes, including square, rectangular, and runway styles. Additionally, we can construct T- or L-shaped floors using extra wire adapters to suit your unique requirements. The 20x20-foot Infinity checker pattern is our most popular configuration.


Product Specifications: Each dance floor panel measures 19 inches by 19 inches (500cm x 500cm). Our dance floor boasts the slimmest profile height on the market at just 2.5 inches tall, significantly lower than the typical 7 to 12 inches of other LED floors. It features trip-proof beveled edges for enhanced safety, making it an ideal choice for any event setting.

Available Dance Floor Sizes: For dance floors comprised solely of Infinity mirror panels, we can accommodate sizes up to 14x16 feet. Similarly, the maximum length for floors using only white frosted panels is also 14x16 feet. However, by integrating both panels, we can create a 20x20-foot checker pattern infinity LED dance floor, our most favored design.


Installation Requirements: For LED Dance Floors: Our dance floors must be set up on a level, even surface, such as concrete, indoors, carpet, tile, or hardwood. To prevent damage and ensure safety, we place a heavy-duty tarp beneath the LED dance floor when installing on tile and hardwood surfaces—a precaution not commonly offered by other providers.

We cannot install the dance floor on uneven surfaces like rocks, dirt, mud, or grass. For outdoor installations, a solid subfloor must be provided by you if the area consists of dirt, grass, or rocky terrain, although concrete and smooth asphalt is fine. 

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