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Is the Light Up Dance Floor Suitable for Outdoor Use?

Certainly, but only when the weather is clear with no risk of rain and if placed on a perfectly flat surface. The dance floor must remain dry and free from spills.


Installation Time for the Dance Floor: Setting up the dance floor can take anywhere from 1 to 2.5 hours, varying with the size of the floor and ease of access to the location. We suggest scheduling our arrival 3-4 hours before the event begins. The breakdown process (Pick Up/Strike) typically ranges from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.


Power Requirements: The dance floor requires 1-2 standard wall outlets for power, consuming minimal electricity and generating no heat.


Available Modes for the LED Dance Floor: The dance floor features several modes, including Automatic, sound-sensitive, DMX-controlled, and remote-controlled operations. For simplicity, the Automatic Mode is recommended. It offers sophisticated and effortless visual effects in a continuous sequence and is a popular choice among users.


Customization of Dance Floor Colors and Patterns: Absolutely! Our skilled team can tailor the dance floor's appearance to align with your event's theme and color palette, ensuring it perfectly complements your celebration. With hundreds of colors available, our technician can advise you on the extent of customization that is possible. This bespoke design service incurs an additional charge of $100 per hour to meet your specific requirements. Contact us for further information.

Installation Requirements: For LED Dance Floors: Our dance floors must be set up on a level, even surface, such as concrete, indoors, carpet, tile, or hardwood. To prevent damage and ensure safety, we place a heavy-duty tarp beneath the LED dance floor when installing on tile and hardwood surfaces—a precaution not commonly offered by other providers.

We cannot install the dance floor on uneven surfaces like rocks, dirt, mud, or grass. For outdoor installations, a solid subfloor must be provided by you if the area consists of dirt, grass, or rocky terrain, although concrete and smooth asphalt is fine. 

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